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Spira Duo is contrabass flutist Kelley Barnett and cellist Maria Hadge. Kelley and Maria met in the Contemporary Performance Program at Manhattan School of Music in 2013 and have been performing together ever since. As core members of Ensemble Mise-en, they have participated in residencies at University of Buffalo, Princeton College, and UC Davis, and performed around the world, including South Korea and Sweden. Individually, Kelley and Maria have performed with such ensembles as Talia Ensemble, Ghost Ensemble, Shouthouse, Tenth Intervention, Brooklyn Orchestra, and Secret Opera. Collectively, Kelley and Maria have taught private lessons for twenty years. Most recently, Spira Duo played a concert at Mise-en Place in December.

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A versatile cellist and champion of current music, Maria Hadge has been described as a “stunning” and “brilliant” musician, performing with a natural spunk. Her playing has taken her around the globe, working with early-career composers all the way to master composers. A resident of Brooklyn, NY, Hadge is an active freelance musician who feels equally at home with contemporary music, free improvisation, and musical theater. 

Miss Hadge performs as a core member of Ensemble Mise-En, which regularly promotes works by emerging composers, participates in residencies and festivals around the world, and collaborates with established composers.

As a member of Spira Duo, Hadge commissions and develops music for contrabass flute and cello along with flutist Kelley Barnett. 

Outside of performing, Hadge has a growing private studio and enjoys running, baking bread, and embroidering. 

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Contrabass Flute

Outside of Spira Duo, Kelley Barnett is the flutist with ENSEMBLE MISE-EN, a new music collective based in Brooklyn, New York. The ensemble promotes large-scale, dynamic performances of contemporary music featuring the works of established and budding composers, preforming works by Bent Sørensen, Wolfgang Mitterer, Hans Abrahamsen, Sofia Gubaidulina, Lukas Ligeti and more. Kelley’s passion for music lies in forwarding musical composition, not only as a performer but also as a composer. As a composer, Barnett dabbles in electronically manipulated sound and noise sound worlds. she premiered her first work on February 21st, 2015 titled Bolt from the Blue, for flute and tape.

When Kelley is not performing, she has a healthy private studio with students of all ages. She is also an avid coffee lover and co-owns Kuro Kirin Espresso and Coffee in NYC.

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